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SHANNA SKIDMORE helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to make money doing what they love.


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Shanna Skidmore helps creative women hustle smarter with the tools and training they need to make money doing what they love.






It’s easy to think you have to do it ALL. You don't.

Throw out the "Should do" list and get BACK to the BASICS. 

It's time to cut the clutter & get back to the basics!
If you're tired of spinning your wheels, ready to make real profit, and build something meaningful. 👇🏼

with shanna skidmore
january 7 - 11

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Want to build a business that actually provides income for you and your family without sacrificing every waking hour to the hustle? I thought you might!

It’s easy to believe that as business owners we have to get it all right—from email lists to social media algorithms to pricing strategies. I don’t know about you, but sometimes that “should do” list gets quite overwhelming. Here’s a secret … you don’t have to do it all! It’s the basics that really matter, the essential few “must-do” things.

enough said! save my seat!

Business strategist and financial coach for creatives. Let's get real about what's going on behind that highlight reel... Shall we? I'm here to dig into the business stuff no one is talking about with creatives just like you, so we can set you up with a business roadmap to build a sustainable, profitable, life-enriching business.   

The #bringingbasicsback Mini Workshop is a preview into my signature business program, The Blueprint Model, designed to tackle the mind-numbing, soul-crushing hustle you know far too well—and then, give you permission to build it differently. This is about building your house on solid rock instead of sinking sand.  

My mission is to start a movement of creative entrepreneurs just like you—committed to building profitable, sustainable businesses purpose-built to support the lifestyle of their dreams. I believe in laying down the chaos. I believe in picking up contentment. I believe we can bring the basics back to your business. How bout it?

Hi! I'm Shanna Skidmore.


So, what's included in the free workshop?

A five-part video series delivered daily right to your inbox. That's right, each day you will receive approximately 1 hour of new video content to enjoy from the comfort of your couch, in your pjs, at your own convenience.  

A 30-page follow along workbook to get you well on your way to building a business of your dreams in 2019! Sharpen your pencils and get your clipboard'll be scribbling away with lesson prompts for deeper learning.

A LIVE follow-up Masterclass + Q&A session with Shanna on January 15th to jumpstart your year and get your burning questions answered!

Active Lesson Comments! Available for all participants and will serve as a place of discussion, encouragement and community. 

Daily Social Media Challenge! Last year we had over 3,000 creatives participate in the #bringingbasicsback challenge and this year is sure to be even better with extended learning and more jammed packed goodness! Each video lesson comes with an optional opportunity to engage on social media + share what you're learning (because accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results after all!)

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Tired of feeling overworked & underpaid?

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Not sure what next step is the right step for your business? Find clarity in the direction of your business with Shanna’s Core Motivators Assessment.

You don’t have to feel full, flustered and rushed all the time. Juggling everything may have been fun for a while but your adrenaline ran out a long time ago and all you feel now is tired! It’s time to reclaim your time!

Work smarter not harder with Shanna’s essential boundaries, systems and productivity hacks for the creative entrepreneur. Keep your life simple and focused with these systems!

This one idea has been revolutionary in the Blueprint community and will change the way you think about money in 2019! The most important financial number you can know in your business and I’ll show you exactly how to find it!

Calling all money avoiders, spenders, savers and money martyrs! No matter your money mindset, I’ll show you how even as a “non-money” person you can learn to analyze the numbers in your business and why this is the most important information you need to know in your business!

Feeling pulled in one million directions?

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Systems & Operations

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Manage your Business Finances

video FOUR

video Five

Curious what the series will cover? Watch a sneak peek of each lesson:

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